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Hooked x Rollersnakes Big Battle Of Skate - Sat 17th Feb 2024

It's that time of the year for Hooked to take over The Crypt and hold their 'Big Game Of Skate' event.

For a chance to be chosen as one of the 16 skaters competing in the event, send a direct message to @hookedskate with your full name. If selected, Hooked will reach out to you with further details.

The thrilling battles are set to happen on Saturday, February 17th, starting at 2pm at Rollersnakes store, Derby. Don't worry about the weather, as the event will be held inside and won't be canceled if it's wet.

Additionally, The Tracks will be open as normal.

Refreshments and snacks will be available, come down, get involved!

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Rollersnakes X Slappy Trucks: Slappy Showdown 2023

On Sunday the 28th of August, with the help of our sponsors, Slappy Trucks, we hosted our first Slappy Showdown.This event featured music, a BBQ, and cash prizes, of which were awarded for curb sla...

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Voltarol 3 - Curb Encounters of the Third Kind - Sat 18th May 2024

YES! Dadlands X Groans Brigade are back at Rollersnakes HQ in Derby on Saturday 18th May for the third instalment of the Voltarol Open! Come down to witness old people of all ages underperform on ...

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