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Sabbath Blokes Conical DHB 101A Skateboard Wheels 53mm

SKU: 0KI7O03
Sale price$48.00

Sabbath X Blokes
53mm Conical
DHB Formula Wheel
101a Duro

Double Hard Bastard Formula is Sabbath's toughest and hardest urethane to date. Who would be better to partner with than skateboarding's tough guys 'Blokes' to celebrate the release of our new range of wheels.

Conical Shape: A wheel with a wide riding surface area, used to provide increased control and slideability. The side walls cone in slightly, to a flat edge - allowing for better connection in grinds on street and transition.

DHB Formula: Double Hard Bastard Formula, is built to withstand what life throws at it - tough as old boots and hard as nails. Our Sabbath's designed DHB urethane gives you a faster and slicker ride.
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